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Storage Wars and Contentment

One of the problems with living in an older house is that the closets aren't very big. I don't know why not. It's almost as if people didn't have as much stuff sixty years ago as we do now. When we first moved into our current house, we discovered very quickly that we wouldn't both be able to put our stuff into the closet in our bedroom. In fact, I'm pretty sure my wife didn't even put all her stuff into the closet. Fortunately, we had two closets upstairs so I got one and she got one. These days, we have some weird complicated system in which we both have several closets and keep different stuff in dressers, and have boxes in storage, and even have a pile or two. It would be a lot easier if we just had a big closet. The same problem rears its ugly head when we try to find places to store all our stuff. We have a room in the basement that serves pretty much as a junk room. I'm pretty sure I don't have a clue of what half the things in t

2 Severe Misconceptions About Church

Thinking Biblically About the Church Two severe misconceptions which should be corrected:  A) Pastors do the work of the church.  B) The work of the church happens on Sunday. Biblically, the reality should be:   A) Pastors equip the church to engage Christ's mission  B) The work of the church happens in the world.

The Church is God's Gift to the World

The Church Doesn't Exist For Me... or You.

I am here for the church. The church here is for the world. Simple enough, right? Start with the statement: The church is here for the world. Church: The Light of the World Jesus said he came to call the righteous not the sinner. He lived to  heal the sick, not the well. We (followers of Jesus) are to be a light to the world. We are to live in such a unique way that we season (make better) the  world around us. We are to be living IN the world (contrast with separating from the  world.) so that we can bring the world to God. We are to make disciples of the whole earth. SUMMARY: The church as the body of Christ is God's gift to the world.  We are the means by which God's grace is made known to those who are  lost.  (WE are the gift! The gift is not TO us) My starting point (and the building block for the previous concept)  is: "I am here for the church". When I accepted Christ, I was baptized into the body of Christ. Oneness is the operative conce

5 Patterns to Keep You on the Right Path

Every day is different. They are different from each other, and they are different than we thought they could be. When you go to bed and recap the previous day's events, you undoubtedly sigh, "That didn't happen how I thought it would." The unpredictable roadblocks that appear every day have the potential to throw us off track, and land us on a different life path than we wish to follow. If we want to keep taking each step in life in the direction we've plotted for ourselves, we'll need to develop consistent daily patterns that can serve as landmarks for our journey through life. You can figure out what these patterns need to be for you, but here are some of the patterns I seek to implement in my life. They bring a level of consistency that enables me to begin and end each day making sure I'm still on the path I desire to follow. Borrow what you like, burn what you don't: Patterns Help Us Stay on Life's Path 1. Find Inspiration. The

The Inability of Metaphors and Similes to Describe the Church

The difference between a metaphor and a simile is the word "like."   (that's perhaps overly simplistic, but useful: Metaphor: You're a Dog. Simile: You're like a Dog. Of course, neither a metaphor nor a simile really does a good job of  proclaiming reality: You aren't a Dog. Often times, Jesus and His friends used metaphors and similes to  describe the church. Some of them would be: The church is (like a) house The church is (like a) family The church is (like a) body The church is (like a) temple All of these are useful for helping us understand some nature or  function of the church, but none of them are terribly effective as a  comprehensive description of the reality of the church: The church is not a house The church is not a family The church is not a body The church is not a temple The church is the church. It is completely different than any other  organism/organization known to man. It is a spiritually-joined,  mis