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9-9-9: Food

9 Foods I Love to Eat: Fried Chicken Olive-Loaf Bologna Shrimp Prime Rib Fried Okra Frozen Twinkies Bacon Oreo Creme Cheese 9 Foods I Don't Eat Much: Eggs Rice Gravy Baked Beans Liver Fettuccine Alfredo Beets Cottage Cheese Prunes 9 Foodish Sounding Things I Wouldn't Eat: Toe Cheese Leech Sushi Goiter Gravy Skunk Stew Earwig Crunch Cream-of-Cyst Soup Deep-Fried Larva Autumn Leaf Salad Chocolate Covered Scabs

9-9-9: Places

9 Places I've Lived Sherman Manor Clare, MI Covington, KY Brock West Cedarville, OH Muskegon,MI Marlboro Road Huntington, WV Perry, MI 9 Places I've Visited Disney World Cape Cod Outer Banks, NC Mammoth Cave Ford Field Savannah, GA Field of the Wood Niagara Falls Hilton Head, SC 9 Places I'd Like to Go The Superbowl St. Andrews Grand Canyon Anfield Anywhere Warm Philadelphia Ireland Augusta National Seattle

9-9-9: SPORTS

9 Teams I Prefer to All Others: 1. Michigan State Spartans 2. Detroit Tigers 3. Detroit Lions 4. Liverpool FC Reds 5. Detroit Red Wings 6. Sailor Soccer 7. Cedarville Yellowjackets 8. Detroit Pistons 9. Cincinnati Reds 9 Teams I Love to Hate: 1. Notre Dame Fighting Irish 2. Chicago Bears 3. Minnesota Twins 4. Colorado Avalanche 5. Manchester United Red Devils 6. Green Bay Packers 7. Chicago White Sox 8. Dallas Cowboys 9. New York Yankees 9 Athletes I Admire: 1. Steve Yzerman 2. Barry Sanders 3. Lou Whitaker 4. Steve Smith (MSU basketball) 5. John Stockton/Karl Malone 6. Greg Maddox 7. Isaiah Thomas 8. Brandon Inge 9. Andy Pettitte

Today's Picture

Today's Pictures. Plus, Stuff I Like

Following are a couple links to stuff I like. Feel free to leave comments at the end... If you need to dispose of a dead body, the new iPhone can help you find the perfect place. If you were working for the mob, where would you stash your "jobs"? This mayor of a Utah town spent two years writing articles under a false name to try to make people feel better about his town. Is this okay? When is "spin" appropriate and when is it just lying? Did you know Ben Franklin did something similar? How far would you go to find a lost wedding ring? Would you go to the city dump? I wonder how many couples have funny stories about lost rings? I once broke my wedding ring in half on a youth missions trip...

Today's Pictures

Three Stages of Pastoral Ministry

i don't remember where i first saw this, but i scribbled it down on a piece of paper when i did. i stumbled upon that piece of paper today. it made me chuckle (things are funny either because they are true, or because they are not; i'll leave it to you to decide which this one is). There were three phases to Jesus' ministry which closely mirror the three stages most pastors go through at a church: 1. "Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord" 2. "By whose authority do you do these things?" 3. "Crucify him!"