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Avoid the Path That Leads to Death!

Thursday night at Camp Barakel, I talked with just the senior high guys. We discussed the direction of their lives by using a metaphor common to camp, the path. Here are the key ideas: 1. The paths you choose in life will determine your destination Every decision you make is a choice to follow a path that is leading you somewhere. Your life's destination will be the culmination of all those decisions. 2. Every path leads to a destination Some may think they can just "enjoy life" for a season and their decisions won't have consequences until they are "grown up". Wrong... If you choose the path of hard work and discipline your destination will be significantly different than he who chooses the path of parties and night life. 3. You may not see the destination, but you can see the path You must be careful about the path you walk as it may lead you somewhere different than you think. We used the youth from Proverbs 7 as an example. The path he chose L

50 Steps To Becoming A Ninja!

I borrowed this list from the time-management ninja . (that's right, he's a ninja!) It's a pretty good list of the things about which we tend to procrastinate. I'm not going to get them all done today. But if I put forth the effort, I could probably get them all done by maybe the end of the month? Which of the items on this list do you need to do TODAY? Doing the #1 task on your todo list. Making that phone call. Getting the car maintenance done. Fixing something that is out-of-order. Going to the doctor. Getting enough sleep. Pursuing your dreams. Reading a book. Spending time with someone you care about. Going for a walk. Going to see the person you need to talk to. Exercising. Telling the truth. Confronting something from your past. Doing something for your future. Saving money. Learning something new. Answering that email. Getting your degree. Working on your resume. Finding a new job. Doing something that you are passionate about. Putting yourself first. Getting a