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9-9-9: Food

9 Foods I Love to Eat: Fried Chicken Olive-Loaf Bologna Shrimp Prime Rib Fried Okra Frozen Twinkies Bacon Oreo Creme Cheese 9 Foods I Don't Eat Much: Eggs Rice Gravy Baked Beans Liver Fettuccine Alfredo Beets Cottage Cheese Prunes 9 Foodish Sounding Things I Wouldn't Eat: Toe Cheese Leech Sushi Goiter Gravy Skunk Stew Earwig Crunch Cream-of-Cyst Soup Deep-Fried Larva Autumn Leaf Salad Chocolate Covered Scabs

9-9-9: SPORTS

9 Teams I Prefer to All Others: 1. Michigan State Spartans 2. Detroit Tigers 3. Detroit Lions 4. Liverpool FC Reds 5. Detroit Red Wings 6. Sailor Soccer 7. Cedarville Yellowjackets 8. Detroit Pistons 9. Cincinnati Reds 9 Teams I Love to Hate: 1. Notre Dame Fighting Irish 2. Chicago Bears 3. Minnesota Twins 4. Colorado Avalanche 5. Manchester United Red Devils 6. Green Bay Packers 7. Chicago White Sox 8. Dallas Cowboys 9. New York Yankees 9 Athletes I Admire: 1. Steve Yzerman 2. Barry Sanders 3. Lou Whitaker 4. Steve Smith (MSU basketball) 5. John Stockton/Karl Malone 6. Greg Maddox 7. Isaiah Thomas 8. Brandon Inge 9. Andy Pettitte