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What is Your Idol?

I'm convinced that we're all idolaters. The last verse of 1 John says, "Little children, keep yourself from idols." This seems to be a strange way to end a letter that didn't really address idolatry at all. My opinion is that John realized how easily and quickly idolatry can creep into our lives and our churches. I don't think he was terribly concerned about the Christians turning to worship of Baal or Ra or Dagon. I don't think he was concerned about them carving fish-like ducks out of wood and then bowing down to them. I think he was concerned with the subtle, every-day idols that sneak into our lives and take our priorities away from God. A survey of the entire letter reveals at least these ten idols that we need to keep ourselves from: The idol of walking in darkness (keeping our sin hidden rather than confessing it). The idol of false security (basing our salvation on a prayer rather than faith). The idol of disobedience. The idol of worldliness. T