Wednesday, December 7, 2022


New Year's Resolutions are inspiring for some and frustrating for others. If you love a challenge, here are some generic ideas for you in 2023. Pick one or two and make them specific to your life. Then make it happen!

Strengthen your faith. If you want to strengthen physical muscles, you need to set aside time to exercise. If you want to strengthen your faith, you need to set aside time for spiritual exercise. Try setting aside time every day for prayer, reading the Bible, and focusing your mind on God.

Demonstrate God's love to others. This begins by focusing less on yourself and more on others. Pay attention to the needs of those around you. Show them kindness. When you are able, offer them help.

Forgive people. You cannot control others, so don't let them control you. Forgiveness is a choice to stop dwelling on the actions of someone else. When you find yourself thinking about how they have wronged you, remind yourself that you are forgiving them and refocus your attention on someone else.

Embrace generosity. Look for ways that you can share your time, talents, and resources with others. Work together with others and discover opportunities to make a positive impact on the community around you.

Commit to ongoing change. Life change doesn't happen in a moment. It is an incremental process that occurs one step at a time. Commit to consistently evaluating yourself, choosing righteous next steps, and being disciplined to stick to it.

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