Monday, January 10, 2022

25 Sermon Starters from Matthew 6

 Each of these sentences can serve as an idea seed from which to build an entire sermon, or they might be one key point in a sermon. Ideally, they will help you process what God wants to say through you to the people to whom you preach.

  1. Motives matter.
  2. If you are living for the approval of people, you’ll likely not receive the approval of God.
  3. If you have to tell people about your acts of generosity, it wasn’t really generosity.
  4. Maintain secrecy about our “good deeds” is a helpful way to check our motivation.
  5. Never pray for the approval of someone else.
  6. Never be embarrassed about the way you pray. God’s opinion of your prayer is more important than anyone else’s.
  7. Even if no one ever knows the “good things” you have done, God knows.
  8. Fancy words do not a good prayer make.
  9. Jesus’ prayer contained ten lines. Only one of them is a request. Our prayers need to be more than request lists.
  10. If you pray that God’s name will be honored, make sure you don’t dishonor His name with your actions.
  11. Praying that God’s kingdom will come is an empty thought if we don’t submit our lives to His rule.
  12. If we truly want God to be obeyed on earth as He is in heaven, we must obey Him on earth.
  13. Those who have been forgiven, must forgive.
  14. Step number one in resisting temptation is to pray every day for God’s strength in resisting temptation.
  15. “Your Father who sees in secret will reward you.”
  16. Invest in things that last.
  17. Your actions, words, responses, and attitudes are all investments. With those investments, you are either building God’s kingdom or your own.
  18. Whatever you look at is what you will see. Choose to focus your attention on the right objects.
  19. Instead of serving your money, make your money serve God.
  20. If you are serving money, you will eventually be mastered by anxiety.
  21. The more you worry about what you cannot control, the more you will be controlled by what you worry about.
  22. Worry only makes us suffer twice.
  23. You will find what you seek, so choose wisely what you will seek.
  24. The best way to receive everything you need, is to stop seeking it and start seeking the Kingdom.
  25. Work at what you can control. Pray about what you cannot control.

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