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Be a STONE, not a Brick (Sermon Leftovers from Genesis 11)

Genesis 11:3 says that the people of Babel built with bricks instead of stones. While this is not the main point (or perhaps even an important point), the contrast between bricks and stones is interesting. Bricks are man-made, while stones were made by God. Every one of us has a God-given purpose in life. When we pursue that purpose, we discover life as it was meant to be. When we choose to chase after our own purposes and desires, we eventually discover that they leave us empty and unfulfilled. Bricks are not unique. Every brick looks exactly the same because they are mass-produced. Stones are all unique, no two stones are ever the same. God did not create you so that you could look like everyone else. His desire for you is not that you be "one of the crowd" or that you be a nameless face in the crowd. Don't compromise so that you will fit in. Be the person God created you to be, even if (especially if) that makes you stand out. Bricks are replaceable. If a brick is dama

10 Sermon Leftovers from Genesis 6. No Nephilim Though.

On Sunday, I preached from Genesis 6. Although this passage is famous because of its reference to the NEPHILIM, I am not mentioning them here. They aren't really the point, so I won't really use up the bandwidth. Some Christian beliefs do not make sense to the world. The resurrection is our central truth. Everything that looks good is not good for you. You do not need to take everything you want. Satan's plan is always to counterfeit and corrupt God's good creation. God's people are to live in the world but look different from the world so that they can influence the world for good. God's people are to influence the world, but not to partner with the world. Everyone wants to live in a world where evil is judged justly. God's judgment of evil is also usually the preservation of His plan and protection for His  people. If the focus of your life is the evil of the world, you will either wallow in despair or well up with pride. If the focus of your life is the g