Wednesday, February 12, 2020

James Bond Has Nothing On You

JOHN 8:29
...he who sent me is with me...

Every time James Bond was given a new assignment, he visited his friend Q before embarking on the mission. Q would have several new gadgets, weapons, and other surprises that would empower 007 to complete the task he had been given.

Jesus didn't rely on Q, but He did acknowledge that He had been given everything He needed. One day, while teaching, He explained to the people that He was able to accomplish His mission because the One who had sent Him was always with Him. Because God was always with Jesus, Jesus was able to do exactly what God wanted.

We have the same promise!

Just before Jesus went back to the Father, He commissioned the disciples go out and be His representatives in the world. Then He told them that He would be with them, to the very ends of the earth. Because Jesus is always with us, we are always able to do exactly what He wants us to do.

Be confident today. Use your words, attitude, and action to represent Jesus to the world. Don't be afraid of how others might respond or what the consequences might be. Jesus is with you and will be with you, even to the ends of the earth!

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