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You Cannot Win. So Don't Try.

PROVERBS 26:4-5 Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest you be like him yourself. Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own eyes. This is one of my favorite proverbs. At first glance, it appears to be two contradictory statements. Both cannot be true. They are mutually exclusive. BUT... If you read them together and understand them as one larger proverb, you get the real meaning: Don't argue with a fool. You cannot win. Some people simply do not want to have a reasonable discussion. Some are completely unwilling to consider a change to their position or point of view. Some are interested only in fighting, not finding solutions. Don't argue with them. You cannot win. This feels like a pretty good description of political discourse in America today. It seems to be a fairly accurate snapshot of what happens on social media every day. Here's your challenge. Don't be the fool. Don't be the person who can't engage in a productive c

Are You A Creator or a Destroyer?

PROVERBS 18:9 A lazy person is as bad as someone who destroys things. 1) As image bearers of God, we were made to be creators. We create with our hands, with our actions, with our words, etc. 2) Creating takes action. Lazy people don't create anything (victimhood and apathy are synonymous with laziness). 3) What you create doesn't have to be tangible or physical. You might create joy or peace for someone else. You might create hope by meeting the need of your neighbor. We all have different gifts which enable us to be creative in different ways. 4) What will you create today?

You Can't Fix Everything For Everyone. But You Can Do Something.

PROVERBS 12:25 Anxiety in a man's heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad. Stop. Before you do you anything else, find a piece of paper or a sticky note or a notebook or something you can write on. Now, write down the names of three people you know you will see today. You have no idea what is going in these people's hearts. You may know some of the situations they are dealing with. You may understand some of their hurts and some of their joys. But you don't know it all. None of us do. Something is causing anxiety in these people. You may have an idea of what it is. You may not have a clue. None of us can know everything that is going on in the hearts of the people around us. What we all CAN DO, is offer a good word to everyone we encounter. If you aren't sure how to offer a good word to someone else, here are ten suggestions: encourage compliment motivate inspire praise admire appreciate commend congratulate applaud You

Life Is About More Than Turning A Profit

PROVERBS 10:2 Treasures gained by wickedness do not profit, but righteousness delivers from death. I don't watch it much anymore because I don't seem to have time, but when "The Profit" (a tv show about entrepreneur Marcus Lemonis) was first released, I watched almost every episode for a couple of seasons. I was intrigued by Lemonis' approach to business, particularly the firm but compassionate manner in which he dealt with people. He was also a very good businessman, and he was very successful in turning around family businesses that were failing. In business, success and failure are measured by a simple standard... PROFIT. If your money is increasing, you are winning. If your money is decreasing, you are losing. Proverbs 10:2 challenges our understanding of profit. Not all financial (or material) gain is good. Not all who appear successful are righteous. Temporary gain is not the same as an eternal reward. Jesus had something to say about this in Mark 8. He

Try this one simple trick to become a wise person!

PROVERBS 4:7 The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wi s dom, and whatever you get, get insight . Becoming a wise person is surprisingly simple. Pursue wisdom. Wisdom can come from other people such as parents, teachers, friends, and even pastors. More importantly, wisdom comes from God's Word (particularly Proverbs). I have this picture in my mind of a person who never pursues wisdom and then wonders why life is not going well for them. Wisdom is not found on the couch in a bag of potato chips. It is not found in a secret level of Fortnite (does Fortnite have levels?). It is not found in the fifteenth episode of whatever Netflix show is being binged. Solomon began chapter 4 by telling his son to "be attentive." If you don't pay attention, you won't get wise. So pay attention! I just heard Andy Stanley say, "We get in trouble, not because we don't take advice. We get in trouble because we take OUR OWN advice." Those who don't pay attention, don&#