Friday, March 2, 2018

18 Absolutely Incontrovertible Laws of Leadership

The three core components of leadership (especially “Christian” leadership) are character, courage and competence. Courage and competence are important, but without character neither matters.

Beyond these three components, you can glean many leadership principles from many leadership gurus. Because my starting point is the Bible, my leadership principles might be a little different. Here are 18 of them:

  1. Leadership does not replace the Holy Spirit
  2. Leadership is a gift, not a position
  3. Leadership can be nurtured, but not created
  4. Leadership is a team sport
  5. Leadership "principles" do not trump Scripture
  6. Leadership is important, but not indispensable
  7. Leadership is not "the greatest gift"
  8. Leadership requires patience
  9. Leadership requires humility
  10. Leadership requires discipline
  11. Leadership requires discernment
  12. Leadership is not pastoring
  13. Pastoring is not leadership
  14. Leadership is not a dynamic personality
  15. Leadership is "giving away"
  16. Leadership happens right now, not in the future
  17. Leadership requires holistic vision and thought
  18. Leadership requires comprehension of systems

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