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Thoughts and Prayers

Thoughts and prayers are not the same thing. We need to stop acting as if they are. Thoughts and prayers do not go hand-in-hand. We need to stop acting as if they do. Every time you hear someone say, " Thoughts and prayers are not enough ", you are being manipulated and you need to understand why. THOUGHTS ARE NOT ENOUGH Unless accompanied by action, thoughts accomplish nothing. Your thoughts may be a step along the way toward an action, but on their own, they are ineffective and in many ways without consequence. Every person chooses not to act on their mind's thoughts hundreds of times a day. A person who always says or does whatever comes to mind is considered posses little to no self-control. The idea of "sending thoughts someone's way" originated out of a desire to not have to tell someone you were "praying for them." It is a tool used by those who desire to empathize or want to give words of comfort but are unwilling to do so in reli

How Jesus Demonstrated Leadership To His Disciples

If you aren’t sure what I mean by Leadership E-Words , go back and see this post about what every leader MUST do . A while back, I came across some verses in Mark that prompted me to think about how Jesus guided the spiritual development of his disciples. So I used the Leadership E-Words as a template and was able to very quickly identify how Jesus used similar concepts to prepare the disciples for ministry. These are all from the first half of Mark. I think you could do this exercise even better if you used the book of Matthew. It might also be interesting to look for similar patterns in Acts. I have no intention of doing either (unless some LifeWay editor is reading this and thinks it might make an interesting book, then I would be willing to write more… otherwise, probably not) Here we go: Jesus established a direction for his ministry. Of course it was more about just identifying and clarifying God’s direction for His ministry… but that’s what we should be doing as sp

18 Absolutely Incontrovertible Laws of Leadership

The three core components of leadership (especially “Christian” leadership) are character, courage and competence. Courage and competence are important, but without character neither matters. Beyond these three components, you can glean many leadership principles from many leadership gurus. Because my starting point is the Bible, my leadership principles might be a little different. Here are 18 of them: Leadership does not replace the Holy Spirit Leadership is a gift, not a position Leadership can be nurtured, but not created Leadership is a team sport Leadership "principles" do not trump Scripture Leadership is important, but not indispensable Leadership is not "the greatest gift" Leadership requires patience Leadership requires humility Leadership requires discipline Leadership requires discernment Leadership is not pastoring Pastoring is not leadership Leadership is not a dynamic personality Leadership is "giving away" Leadership h