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Do Amazing Things. All You Need Is A Stick.

Moses summonded 10 plagues, parted the Red Sea, brought water from the rock and more using only a stick.

Ehud freed his people from the monstrous Eglon, but only because he was left-handed.

David brought down the giant using only a sling-shot and a smooth stone.

Jesus fed 5000 people or more with only a few fish and some bread.

When God is working through you, you can accomplish greatness using only what is in your hand. Everything you have has been given to you by God and everything He gave you has a purpose. He has uniquely gifted you to carry out an important role in His kingdom.

As you walk through your life's journey, think about the gifts God has already put into your backpack. He has perfectly prepard you for the road He designed you to follow.

You have POWER.

Everyone has different abilities. Some are athletic, some are strong, some are intelligent, some have common sense. You may be able to create art and your neighbor might be able to fix anything. Your best friend might have an incredible singing voice and your child may constantly amaze you with their technical skills. God has given you abilities that are unique to you. Those abilities will be needed as you travel His intended path.

You have PASSION.

We all get excited for different reasons because we all have different passions. You may have a passion for rescuing struggling teenagers. Someone else has a passion for feeding the homeless. Others may have a passion for enforcing justice. People's passions range far and wide, and those passions were given to us by our creator God. Proper use of our passion leads us into the life we were created to live.


Whether you are an introvert or an extravert, organized or chaotic, adventurous or cautious; you have a personality that was given to you by God. No two people are alike because all of us have different personalities. While we must always be sanding off the harsh edges of our personalities so that we can be more like Christ, we must also recognize that the personality He gave us is perfect for the job He has planned for us.


Whether God has given you a little or a lot, He expects you to use it as He would. The parable of the talents (Matthew 25) makes clear that our Master's expectation is that we properly invest our possessions (not just physical stuff but also our time, money and energy) into His Kingdom's agenda. The steward who properly invests his master's possesssions hears the words, "Well done, good and faithful servant."

You have a PAST.

The joyous memories you have are a gift from God. The painful moments you've experienced are also part of His plan. Nothing has every happened to you that was outside of God's control or is beyond His ability to redeem. The darkest day in human history was the day Jesus was killed. Nothing so bad has ever happened to a person so good. Yet God redeemed that wickedly evil event. It was in the death of Christ, that we gained the hope of resurrection. That hope means that our past is not the end of the story. Even in the dark times, God was protecting us, providing for us and preparing us for the bright future He has planned.

Look into your own backpack. What is your power? What are you passionate about? What personality traits do you have? What possessions has God entrusted to you? Where have you been in the past?

Now look around you. Everywhere you look are people with needs. Our world is full of problems needing to be solved. God has prepared you to meet these needs and solve these problems.

Your calling can be discovered where your gifts intersect need.

What is in your hand now? What can God do with it if you let Him?


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