Tuesday, May 10, 2016

A Brief List of Truths About Navigating Life's Storms

Mark 4 tells of a journey that began well, went downhill quickly but finished triumphantly. A storm rolled in, threatening to drown the disciples, but at the last minute Jesus intervened. This is a great reminder that we all face storms in life. Sometimes they are light and easily navigated, but sometimes they feel like they will swamp our boat and drown us.

Before you let despair drag you down, consider these 10 true statements about navigating the storms of life:

1. Jesus is never surprised by life's storms.

2. Jesus is never worried by life's storms.

3. Jesus promises we'll get to the other side, but He doesn't promise smooth sailing.

4. Sometimes Jesus takes us into storms for our own good.

5. No storm is so great that it can keep Jesus from taking you where He wants you.

6. No storm is so great that it should lead you to despair.

7. Worry and anxiety roll in when we realize we can't navigate the storm on our own.

8. Jesus' words to you are the same as His words to the storm: "Quiet! Be Still.

9. On the other side of life's storm is increased confidence and faith in Jesus' power and provision.

10. Peace and hope result from our choice to rely on Jesus to take us through the storm.

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