Whether you know it or not; You Are A Slave

"This letter is from Paul, a slave of Christ Jesus..." (Romans 1:1)

Slavery is an ugly word. Yet Paul embraces it, claiming it as his own identity.

All of us choose to enslave ourselves to something or someone. Whatever that thing is which controls us, is our slave master. Many are enslaved by the need for approval or acceptance. Many serve the master of popularity or social success. Some are chained to their desire for advancement and success. The list is long. We are all slaves to something.

Paul chose to be a slave of Jesus.

Following Jesus meant Paul would not be accepted. He would not receive approval. Following the true Jesus likely extinguishes the possibility of being popular. Jesus' full body of teaching is not socially acceptable. Jesus' followers are content to be last, not first. Success in Jesus kingdom is the polar opposite of success in this world.

We are all slaves to someone or something. Every master but one seeks to control us. Only Jesus came to save us.

To whom are you a slave?


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