Tuesday, September 1, 2015

19 Ideas to Help You Let Go

I often talk about the necessary endings we all need to embrace if we are to grow. When we breathe, we must exhale before we inhale. Exhaling eliminates harmful toxins from our bodies and makes room for the new and fresh oxygen we need. In the same way, we must sometimes remove habits, relationships, expectations and more from our lives in order to make room for the fresh, new things God will do in us. 

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We all have dead things in our lives which need to go away.

We all have unhealthy habits, patterns or imbalances which need to go away.

Sometimes we need to let go of good things so that we can make room for the best things.

Every rule has exceptions. Marriage is the exception to the rule of necessary endings.
Marriage is a covenant among two people and God.
Ending the marriage is almost never the best solution.
Ending unrealistic expectations or unhealthy patterns within the marriage may be the best solution.

Feelings and desires are unreliable guides when determining what is and is not necessary for life. 

If you "listen to your heart" you will never be able to let go of the things which are harmful to you.

Unwillingness to let go eventually becomes an inability to let go.

Inability to let go of something is an addiction.

Addiction is the road to destruction.

Jesus is the perfect example of letting go.

Even though He was God, He let go of His status so that He could come to earth and became a man.

Even though He was the creator, He let go of His authority so that He could give up His life as the payment for sin.

By letting go of everything, Jesus made room in eternity for everyone (including you).

In Revelation, all things are ended so that all things can be made new.

Every time we let go of something, we make room in our lives for something new and better.


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