Monday, August 17, 2015

16 Principles of Effective Communication

Pause before you speak to be certain you are using the right words at the right time with the right tone.
The right words are always true.
False words may provide temporarily feel good but they have no long-term benefit.
Some words are true but are not appropriate for every situation.
The truth and power of your words can be lost if your tone isn't helpful.
Every word you speak carries incredible potential.
Your words can be weapons of mass destruction.
Your words can be tools of monumental construction.
Kind words can encourage those who are unsure of their own ability.
Attractive words can empower those who are under-performing.
Pleasant words can heal wounds from the past.
In marriage, kind and gracious words are a deposit which builds a healthy marriage.
Angry and destructive words are withdrawals which bankrupt relationships.
Your children need to know that you are their biggest cheerleader.
Corrective words can be attractive if they are the right words at the right time with the right tone.
Use your words to encourage those around you and you'll find yourself being more encouraged than anyone.

These are taken directly from Proverb 16:24. "Kind words are like honey -- sweet to the soul and healthy for the body."

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