Tuesday, February 9, 2016

10 Foundational Truths About The Bible

This Sunday, I said that we can get the most out of our faith if we stay connected to God. Remaining connected to Him requires that we ROUTINELY spend time in His Word. Below are some basic truths about God's Word. If you are going to read the book, make sure you understand the book.

  1. Since we are created and God is uncreated, we cannot know anything about Him unless He reveals it to us.
  2. God reveals things about himself through nature (general revelation) and through His Word (specific revelation).
  3. In His Word (the Bible), we can discover everything God wants us to know about Himself.
  4. God revealed Himself in the Bible by inspiring regular men to write the precise Words He desired them to communicate.
  5. The Bible is inspired, trustworthy and authoritative.
  6. To be properly understood, the Bible must be read in context (as it was written).
  7. The Bible is 66 individual books which all work together to tell one story.
  8. The story of the Bible can be summarized as "Creation - Fall - Redemption - Reconciliation".
  9. At the end, God will make all things new; and He will live among us.
  10. The SOAPY study is a simple way to dig in to the Bible every day.


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