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How do you deal with life's disappointments?

Everybody deals with disappointment in life. Some people face minor disappointments and some people face major disappointments. Some people deal with unspeakable disappointment.  But for the Christian, disappointment should never lead to despair. We all have different disappointments in our past, and we all share one common event in the past. That event is the cross. Christ's work in the past brings peace to our present and gives us hope for the future!  

10 Rules To Shape Your Life

Try reading this list every morning to inspire you toward better living. Then examine yourself each night to evaluate your growth. Be good  Incentivize desired behavior  Delay spending  Seek a third solution  Compliment effort and virtue  Invest your energy in that which you can control  Plan ahead  Confront others lovingly & only for their benefit  Do your best  Give credit; claim blame