Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Source of Life (It's Not the Stork)

Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.

Where do you go?

Where do you go for a good meal? Burger King? The Station? Olive Garden? The Asian Buffet?

Where do you go for medical information? Your doctor? A friend? Web MD?

Where do you go for entertainment? The TV? A book? The theatre? A sports event?

Where do you go for advice? A friend? Dear Abby? Facebook? A mentor? Dr. Phil?

Where do you go for the Words of Life?

Read and contemplate John 6:66–68.

There is only one place we can go to receive Words that lead to everlasting life. Jesus. Being Christ-Centered means Jesus is our source for life.

The restaurant you choose will determine what kind of food you eat. Your source for medical insight determines whether you get good information or bad. Some entertainment choices are better than others.

The source from which you draw your life will change your life one way or another. Many people draw life from their jobs, or families, or their goals, or passions. These life-sources become the primary factors in decision making, money spending, time usage, and beyond. But all these life-sources will eventually run dry.

Drawing your life from Christ means you look to His words when you make decisions, when you spend your money, when you allocate your time, and in every other “thing” you do. While this lifesource may not be initially as attractive or convenient, it is the well that never runs dry.

Peter’s life was never the same once he realized that to live his life right, he could turn no where else but to Christ.

Today: When faced with a difficult or important decision ask yourself, “What words of life would Jesus speak into this situation?” Then obey.

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