Monday, March 3, 2014

Why I Called an Audible This Sunday

This Sunday I called an audible. I set my sermon notes aside and talked about one of my favorite passages, 1 Peter 2:11-12 (AMSA, lemurs, you know the drill...).

I am always happy to talk about these verses, because I think they are a great summary of what it means to be an ambassador of Christ... But, it wasn't the sermon I was supposed to preach. The schedule called for me to open up our new "The Truth About the Son of God Series. Here's why I changed the plan:

1) We had low numbers. A majority of the churches in Dayton were closed yesterday (I'm still not sure I understand this whole "snow emergency" thing... I don't think there was one yesterday and still churches were closing down). Our team felt it was fine to go on, and the churches in our near vicinity all stayed open so we went ahead... But many didn't come because of the weather (and that's okay. No one should have to deal with weather-induced anxiety while driving to church).

2) This is an important series to me. If we are a "Christ-centered Church" then it is extra-critical when we focus on His life that we do it right. I'm looking forward to this series because I think it is going to be an opportunity for many people to see Jesus in a new light. I hope He becomes much more real to us as we work through this.

3) This week's message is foundational to the rest of the series. Having confidence that the Gospels provide a reliable account of Jesus' life gives us great freedom to explore his teachings and actions. Moving the life of Jesus from "historical fiction" or "nursery stories" into the realm of ACTUAL HISTORY should be life-altering. I hope it will be.

Therefore, I decided to wait until next week. So... if you missed church this Sunday, that's okay, we're launching the Son of God series next week. And if you were there and didn't get the sermon you were hoping for, that's okay, we were all challenged by Peter to represent Jesus this week. I hope you'll do that.


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