Monday, December 2, 2013

When Will We Become People of the "AND"?

I'm tired of having to pick sides. It seems like the (global) church today faces a new schism each week. We are forced to decide whether we are going to be conservative or liberal. We must either be pro-life or pro-choice. We must choose either doctrine or practice. I sometimes feel as though I am split in more directions than Voldemort's soul (google "horcrux").

But what if we stopped choosing sides? What if instead of forcing people into "either/or" decisions we found ways to unite paradoxical ideas? Wouldn't be great if we didn't have to choose one side "instead of" another? How wonderful would it be if we could choose one side "and" another? After all, isn't "agree with one another" one way that we live out Jesus' command to "love one another?" (it is.)

What if in the church we:

  • Worked to protect the lives of the unborn AND sought to address the sociological issues that lead to teen pregnancy and single mothering.
  • Seek to create a social safety net AND support legislation which rewards those who work hard to earn money.
  • Protected a biblical ideal of marriage AND spoke up for all people to receive equal treatment under the law.
  • Celebrated gender diversity AND embraced the image of God in every person.
  • Provided food, shelter and clothing for those in need AND held people accountable for the poor life choices they make.

I could go on. What can you add? Which "instead of" can you replace with an "and?"

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