Friday, December 13, 2013

Are You Leading Or Are You Just Up Front?

If you're up front, it's because someone put you there.
If you're leading, it's because people are following.

Leading means knowing where you're going.
Being up front means reacting to circumstances.

A leader communicates a compelling direction.
Up front... a confusing direction.

If you embrace hard questions, you're leading.
If you seek easy answers, you're up front.

Leading = Pulling.
Up Front = Being Pushed.

Leaders call for sacrifice sometimes.
People up front promise satisfaction all the time.

You lead because you can do nothing else.
You move up front because it looks attractive.

When you lead, you engage the tension.
When you're up front, it paralyzes you.

Leaders are value-driven.
Up-Fronters prefer polls.

What else?

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