Tuesday, December 3, 2013

10 Rules for Working With Students

Several years ago, upon completing over a decade working with students, I compiled 85 Theses on Youth Ministry. Here are ten of my ideas for working with students:

1. Its all about relationships.

2. Your philosophy of youth ministry needs to be rooted in a biblical understanding of salvation, discipleship, the church and the world.

3. You have gifts, your leaders have gifts, your students have gifts. Figure them out and utilize them.

4. You must have medical release forms.

5. Parents have more influence on their children than you do. Deal with it.

6. Youth Ministry is a long-term investment, five year results are more important and more honest than five month results.

7. Develop students who are loyal to the kingdom, not to you or your programs.

8. Know who you are teaching; Know what they need.

9. You are teaching them Jesus; Jesus is what they need.

10. All rabbit trails lead somewhere. It's your job to know where.

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