16 Reasons to GIVE THANKS to God This Week

During the week of Thanksgiving, my sermon was based on Psalm 107 which repeatedly tells us to GIVE THANKS to God. Sometimes giving thanks is the best way to work our way out of a slump. So today, try giving thanks, specifically because:

1) He is good.

2) He works wondrous deeds.

3) His love endures forever.

Here are some specific examples I gave of each of these attributes of God...

Give thanks because of who God is:

  1. Creator -- even in its broken state, creation still trumpets the goodness of God.
  2. Sustainer -- if He ever removed His hands, all would fall apart.
  3. Provider -- He provides all our needs (not necessarily our wants)
  4. Healer -- every earthly healing is a small taste of the eternal healing that waits for us all
  5. Savior -- history is full of stories recounting God's saving action on behalf of His people
  6. Redeemer -- He spared no expense to buy us back from our rebellion
Give thanks because of what God has done:
  1. He chose Abraham -- from Abraham he launched a new nation and inaugurated a redemptive plan
  2. He rescued His people -- by humbling the world's superpower, God displayed His power
  3. He delivered a remnant -- in the midst of judgment and destruction, God saved a few to carry on His plan
  4. He sent His Son -- Jesus came to do for us what we could never do for ourselves
  5. He sent His Spirit -- a comforter, a guide, a counselor, a convictor, He is with us forever
  6. He launched His church -- a global community, united by love for Christ and the experience of salvation
Give thanks because of what God has promised:
  1. An inheritance -- reserved for us by God. We have hope that this life is NOT all there is
  2. Complete salvation -- in the future we will experience salvation from the power & presence of sin
  3. Eternal life -- death is not the end. On the other side of the grave is a brilliant, exhilarating & perfect life
  4. All things new -- no more sorrow or pain or death. Eden Restored!


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