Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Asking Questions About Suffering and God's Love

How far would you go to ensure the long term good health and fortune of your child? Would you allow them to suffer the frustration of homework so they could get into a good college? Would you permit them to suffer the pain of discipline to protect them from future foolishness?

What loving parent would not allow their child to endure a temporary struggle for the sake of permanent gain?

Have you ever wondered to what length God would go to convince you of your sin? What might he be willing to do in order to cause you to repent and turn to him?

If the penalty for sin is eternal death, do you think God might be willing to use extreme measures to convince you that the suffering of the next life is far worse than the suffering of this life?

Might he bring pain into your life to get your attention?

Might he use natural disasters as a wake up call?

Might he cause suffering to convince you to change your direction?

What if he did all these things to keep you from experiencing far greater pain in the next age? Would you be grateful? Would you love him? Or would you bitterly turn from him and hate him?


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