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I Think I'll Write a Book Now.

So, I've been contemplating writing a book. Actually, I've already written a few, but never published them. You can read them in draft form if you want. Formations The DNA of a Healthy Christian Supermodel Jesus But now, I'm going to try my hands at a real book. And if I have the time and endurance, it might even find its way to Amazon... But probably not. Life is usually more important. Ae a faithful reader of this blog, you get to read the first few lines before anyone else. You are welcome: Click. "Son of a..." Owen stopped himself. Even though the words had already completed their course through his mind, they weren't appropriate to leave the mouth of a pastor. "Just what I need", he thought to himself as he turned the key again. Click. He knew it wouldn't make a difference, but he turned the key once more and held it. Click. Click. Click . We'll see what happens. Posted with Blogsy