Monday, September 17, 2012

The Truth About Those Who Call Themselves "Moderates"

There are no true moderates. Therefore we should all strive for moderation.

Those who consider themselves to be moderates pretend to agree with everyone. In reality, a moderate is someone with whom no one can agree. Those who practice moderation have simply chosen to be agreeable.

Moderation is the recognition that too much of a good thing might actually be a bad thing. Therefore, the person who lives a life of moderation chooses to sometimes refrain from "good" things for the sake of not being over-indulgent.

A moderate thinks everyone should share his opinion because he has found the perfect "middle ground".

A person of moderation recognizes that everyone may not share his opinion, and therefore he refrains from excessive opining... Even if he is right!

Choose moderation in all things.



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