13 12 Sermon Series I'd Like to Preach Someday

I created this list several years ago. It still applies. Someday I'll do these!

  • Genesis 1-11. The Starting Point.
    The Prologue: Genesis 1-11. If you don't understand these chapters, you'll struggle to get the rest.
  • We Are People of the Book. God is the author, Men were the conduit, Jesus is the protagonist, Reconciliation is the purpose, the Holy Spirit is the interpreter.
  • Psalm 68. Ten great sermons about God.
  • God, Sin, and Evil. Even though I've changed my thoughts about the value of certain types of apologetics, I still am who I am; and that means I love to help people understand some of the more difficult things God has revealed to us about himself...
  • 1 Peter. Duh.
  • Ten Topics the Bible Says a Lot About. Grace, Humanity, Evil, Love, Relationships, Redemption, Choices, Marriage, Leadership, Hope.
  • Pierced, Tatooed, and God's Little Black Book. A three-part evangelistic series.
  • John: Conversations with God. Yeah, this title is ripped from that awful book by Neale Donald Walsch. But it's my favorite Gospel, and I love the interactions Jesus has with people.
  • The One Anothers. What would it really look like if we lived out these relational commands every day?
  • Esther. Surprised? It's a common misconception that I don't like this book. What I don't like is the way most people read and teach it.
  • Formations. Done. Read the book here.
  • In Defense of Judas. I don't know how long this would take, but it would look at all the different ways we misunderstand Jesus, and how we end up expecting the wrong things from him as a result.
  • Three Relationships You Can't Live Without. duh part two.


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