6 Keys for Successful Evaluations

Just finished a difficult two days of making phone calls to soccer players and their parents who didn't make the West Michigan Storm team. I love coaching, and I love coaching kids; but this is the absolute worst part of the job. Although it doesn't make it any easier for me, the parents, or the kids; I try to follow these rules about evaluations so that the entire process can be long-term helpful even if it is short-term painful:

  • Criticism without relationship or context is deflating
  • The only bad evaluation is a dishonest evaluation
  • A poor review in a loving culture is an opportunity for growth
  • An evaluation tied to job security is a reason to be nervous
  • An evaluation tied to growth potential is a reason to be excited
  • Team evaluations lessen the potential for interference by personal agendas
These same rules are useful for any part of life which requires evaluation. Whether you're a teacher, a boss, a parent, or a coach; you can consider adopting these (or similar) guidelines to enable you to create and engage in a more healthy process.


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