Thursday, May 17, 2012

Should we All Wear Name Tags at Church?

A long time ago, Seth Godin blogged about name tags. Here's why he argued that name tags should be a part of most meetings:

I think doing name tags properly transforms a meeting. Here's why:
a. people don't really know everyone, even if they think they do.
b. if you don't know someone's name, you are hesitant to talk to them.
c. if you don't talk to them, you never get to know them and you both lose.
d. if you are wearing a name tag, it's an invitation to start a conversation.
One summer, I led 90 people, some strangers to each other, through a three-day training. Every single person had to wear a hat with his or her name on it until every person in the group knew every other person's name and could prove it. It took two days. Worth it.
so this raises two questions in my mind:

1) should we all wear name tags at church?
2) if we can't because we're too big, are we too big?

just asking....


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