Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Creating a Culture of Accomplishment

A team rarely accomplishes its goals without a great deal of effort. That effort begins with those who are responsible to "lead" or to coach. Without effective coaching a team may end up going many different directions.Below are three simple ways you can help your team get on the same page and create a culture of accomplishment.
Keep team members informed
  • Focus your communication on the essential details 
  • Repeat your communication more than you think you should 
  • Find fresh methods to communicate “old essentials” 
  • Always provide open lines for feedback 
Equip team members for success 
  • Clarify your expectations for each team member 
  • Provide an adequate allotment of time and resources for accomplishing each task 
  • Continue to provide open lines for feedback 
Unleash team members to act 
  • Clarify the evaluation criteria for each team member 
  • Define each team members' role for the other team members 
  • Allow room for failure 
  • Relentlessly seek feedback

Creating a Culture of Accomplishment

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