Wednesday, May 9, 2012

10 Awesome Things That Aren't Really Awesome For Us

Top Ten Lists are Fun.
Instant gratification is a problem in our world. People often choose (unwittingly) to endure long-term consequences simply so they can enjoy short term pleasure.  This is not healthy.

To be clear, I'm not opposed to gratification. God desires us to enjoy his world, to be joyful, to find pleasure in the things He has created... However, we need to do so with balance.

This list is not so much about things we should avoid, but things we should be careful about. Here are 10 awesome things that aren't really awesome for us:

10. French Fries
9. Contact Sports
8. Cheese
7. Money
6. Couches
5. TV
4. Cola
3. Automobiles
2. Dollar Stores
1. Bacon

It's so easy for us to get out of balance because we're pursuing "good" things. Our career, and money, and entertainment, and toys, and houses, and stuff, and popularity can all cause us to get out of balance and neglect the things that are really important. We need to be willing to GIVE AWAY some of these good things so that we can pursue the greatest things...


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