Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Much Better Sermon Conclusion Than The One I Had...

Sometimes I wish I had "do-overs" on my sermons. Primarily because I often hear really great things from others AFTER I preach... and then it's too late to put their thoughts into the sermon.

This week I got an email from a friend who was thinking about part of Sunday's sermon. He wrote:
It did make me think of rewards in Heaven in a different light. You pointed out that God was keeping our inheritance for us in Heaven and compared that to what we hold on to too tightly here on earth.

I am of the age that some of my co-workers are going off into retirement and where I work they are allowed to take the retirement money as a lump sum instead of a monthly allotment from the pension fund. I have seen that this raises a whole set of concerns about who they can trust to hire as a financial adviser on investing the large sum of money, and what will the funds or markets do that your adviser invests your money in? Will they go up or will they go down? And then what about the fund managers that control the funds that your adviser invests in? Is he good at guessing about the markets? Is he ethical? Is he getting rich off their money? Could he be another Bernie Madoff?

Then when I compare that to a an all loving, all knowing, benevolent God who is managing my inheritance in Heaven- it is a comforting thought. No negative surprises await me in the next life such as "Sorry we had a mansion for you but the Heavenly market for mansions dropped so low your equity was under water and it want back to the Celestial City Bank". I can rest assured knowing that God is the Financial Adviser, The Fund Manager, and CFO of all Heavenly Investments. I think I should get a pretty good rate of return on my investments from that kind of oversight! Now I need to live in ways that invest in eternity- a challenge for us all.

Great stuff! Better than anything I came up with!!!

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