Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pastors and Saints. Who Equips Whom?

Ephesians 4:7-13.

The role of the pastor is to equip the saints to do the ministry of the church.

Like this:

Too often churches get this equation mixed up.

Far too often, church-goers pay their pastor to be a Christian for them. They want nothing to do with being equipped for ministry, they simply want to equip the pastor to do the ministry for them. The result is a ridiculously hopeless spiral.

Church pays pastor.


Church has high expectations of pastor.

Pastor cannot meet expectations without "programs" that meet every persons needs/desires.

Programs cost money.


Church has to pay more.


Church has higher expectations of pastor...
What's the alternative?

  • Church desires to do ministry. 
  • Pastor works with church to enable them to do ministry according to their gifts.
  • Because the ministry is "gift-based" instead of "program-based", the resources required (gifts) already exist.
  • Therefore
  • The money given by the church can be distributed missionally instead of institutionally

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