Monday, January 30, 2012

Submission Means Focusing on God, Not on Ourselves

One of the things I talked about yesterday was the idea that submission requires us to focus on Go rather than ourselves. This morning, I just want to throw out a very practical way you can work toward that.

I think most of our Calvary family recognizes the value of spending time with God on a regular basis. Some might call this a devotional time. My recommendation is to set aside time once or twice a week to have "devotions" that are solely focused on God, rather than ourselves.

Here's how this might look:

Focus on God's work. Take a few minutes to simply praise God for His work in the world (creation, sustaining us, the weather, gravity, etc.). Then take a few minutes to thank him for the work he has done on your behalf. Think Bout everything good in your life, and then contemplate the work God has done to make that possible. If you are really willing to do this, you shouldn't have enough time to finish.

Focus on God's word. Take time to read the Bible (use any plan you like). However, instead of reading to simply find an application for yourself, read so that you can know God better. Don't read yourself into the pages of Scripture, rather let them speak to you about who God is. Determine that through your time in His Word, you will come to a better understanding of the nature and character of God.

Focus on God's will. Sometimes we conclude our devotional times by seeking a personal application. Instead, simply take time submitting yourself to God's will. Perhaps you simply need to take a deep breath and say "God, whatever happens today, I will trust that you are in control." Maybe you need lot spend some time talking to yourself and reminding yourself that God's control is much more trustworthy than your own. It may be that you simply need to surrender an area of your life in which you are relying on yourself instead of God. Whatever it is, focus on what God is doing, not on what your own plans are.

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