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10 Questions to Evaluate the Spiritual Formation Process of Your Church

Since I love lists, I often save good ones I find. A few years ago, I came across this one from Mark Waltz . He asked the following ten questions about spiritual formation in the church. Back then, I thought it would be fun to answer the questions from my perspective and then get feedback from you as to whether or not you see things like this? Looking back at my answers several years ago, I am at once encouraged because I still very much believe what I wrote then. However, I am also a bit frustrated because I'm not sure we've done an effective job in accomplishing some of the things I wrote about then. What do you think? Were these good answers then? Are they good answers now? Do we need to re-look at some of this stuff? 10 Questions to Ask about the Spiritual Transformation Process in Your Church 1. How is spiritual transformation defined in our church? The work of the Holy Spirit in transforming us to the image of Christ who is the perfect representation of the Father.